I’ve always been a working nine until wine kind of girl, and now I get to work wine all day. Pour yourself a glass of whatever you love, and drink and read with me. Who knows I may just be the next Carrie Bradshaw in the wine industry? One thing is for sure, wine is definitely easier to talk about than men.

I’ve landed my dream job as a Brand Manager for Beyond Wines, where I will manage the launch of our first fabulous brand, Liquid Diamond, in April 2021 (of course I’m biased, but it is fabulous). Our wines will take pride of place as every season’s must have fashion accessory, kicking off spring/summer 2021 with a pop. If you like to follow fashion, you’ll love to see how this industry keeps us inspired to bring fresh ideas and products to the wine market.

I worked in Fashion and Beauty buying for Missguided for over two years so you’re probably wondering what do I know about wine? Honestly just enough. We’ve all paraded down the wine aisle (my new favourite cat walk), and been drawn to the prettiest labels and bottles, or whichever’s going to look best on my next Instagram post, well Liquid Diamond’s the show stopper! Liquid Diamond wines are beautifully aesthetic, and we’re making them fun, beautiful and highly accessible too, the guaranteed WOW factor from bottle to sip. Perfect for all those Instagrammable moments…

I’ll be focusing on key trends within fashion, beauty and social and using these within the wine industry. Follow us on Instagram @Liquiddiamondwine for exciting updates on launches, events, and our first collaborative competition going live in April. We’ve collaborated with an amazing beauty business. 

We’ll be using this space to update you regularly about what we’ve been up to, and lots of exciting future plans. If you’re interested in collaborating, or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact me on 

We can’t wait to share a drink with you. After all, it’s not our story, it’s yours…

Sarah, X 


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