Repeat after us, “you are enough!!” Mallow’s Beauty X Liquid Diamond.

Meet the beauty and self-love QUEEN Laura, she’s the founder of Mallow’s Beauty, an amazing and very inspiring small business with the aim to make you feel good!! The ultimate destination for self-care. I’ve been one of Laura’s biggest fans since her launch, and she’s genuinely one of the sweetest and kindest people you will EVER meet!! She’s 100% REAL; real skin, real bodies, real girls, and real results.

Laura and her brand radiates positivity, with cute branding messages of “I am happy, …strong, …me” “I love my body” and my favorite “I am enough”, because WE ARE ENOUGH!! Mallow’s Beauty has created more than just a beauty brand, but a community of positivity and happiness, and that’s exactly what us at Liquid Diamond intend to do too and why we LOVE Mallow’s so much! After all, this isn’t our story, it’s yours.

We’re both dedicated to focusing on wellness, positivity, and your empowerment. Did you know the diamonds on our wine bottles were inspired from rose quartz healing crystals, reinforcing messages of happiness and well-being with every sip. We want to make you feel great and we intend on making this our priority. Oh and did you know, we both donate a % of all profits to mental health and wellness charities!

What better way to make you feel great than an amazing giveaway collaboration with Mallows Beauty!! It’s our first ever competition, and we couldn’t be happier to work with Laura. Head over to both of our Instagram’s to enter this fabulous competition @mallowsbeauty and @liquiddiamondwine, to win the perfect feel-good pamper night in!

So from candles to bath dusts and to wine, for the good, and the not so good days, relax and recharge with Mallows Beauty and Liquid Diamond. And repeat after us YOU ARE ENOUGH!!

GOOD LUCK with the competition!! X

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