It’s Friday morning. I am sat in my office enjoying the peace and quiet before other work colleagues begin to arrive and the hustle of the day begins. I’m thinking about how often we actually get ‘me time’ within daily life. Quietness and stillness.


For many of us, life is a continuous to-do list. Wake up, get to work, work all day, get home, empty the dishwasher, try to remember to ask Mr G if he’s had a good day, play or read with the children, put them to bed, maybe workout, skip the workout, feel bad for skipping the workout, shower, read, set alarm, sleep aaand repeat.


We don’t seem to ever find this much glorified ‘me time’ in the business of it all. Add to this a HELL of a 2020 with Covid and we are all well and truly on a path of permanent stress and just ‘getting through’.


Well, I want to briefly share today that I have finally managed to find some ‘me time’ and I hope it may inspire even some of you to find ‘you time’.


This precious and greatly needed time has been found through a 5+ year love affair with crystals. First introduced to me by a therapist and soon after again, by a friend, it sparked a genuine curiosity in these beautiful pieces of our earth. After a lot of research, post work waffling to Mr G and a solid amount of buying said pretty crystals, I do now naturally find daily time to sit, hold and feel comforted by my crystals.


The research I began with was scouring Instagram for crystals gurus, ‘liking’ and following everything and eventually coming across The Crystal Bible @crystaljudyhall (the go to for every crystal question you could ever have!) Eventually, I have now set on my own personal choice of crystal gals who have provided me with my collection as it stands today @the.crystal.nook @crystaltwins_x and @crystal.druzy


Crystals grow below our earth’s crust over thousands upon thousands of years under immense heat and pressure. The energy these stones carry within them is said to be able to ‘heal’ many aspects of physiological or emotional pain.


Whether you are camp scientist or camp spiritualist, (or a bit of both like me!), it can be very calming to sit with a precious stone in your palm that is thousands of years old and just take a ‘me moment’.

These moments of stillness are so vital to our emotional well-being and ability to ‘hold’ and navigate ourselves through stressful times.


So, as well as reaching for the wine, I now nearly always have a crystal stuffed in my bra! I no longer match my nails to my outfit, but my crystals to my wine. I’m here to say I strongly recommend you get aboard with this concept- life changing.


Did somebody say wine? Enter centre stage, Liquid Diamond. A shiny beacon of ‘me time’ to sparkle over even the most stressful of days.


A late night conversation with Mr G (over a glass of rosé, of course) led to the wine and crystal worlds colliding in the most stunning way. Diamonds have, after all, been around a lot longer than spreadsheets, timesheets and Covid. The diamond remains our best friend whether decorating our earth, our bodies or our wine bottles. Stress is our uninvited, awkward acquaintance whose presence we must bare in limited doses until we can reach for our precious stones and liquids 😉


So, here’s to all the future, social gatherings, not social distancing, Prosecco bubbles, not isolation bubbles and to finding more time for ourselves to enjoy a glass of wine (and a crystal or two) with our loved ones.


Clara (Mrs G) x


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