It’s rare for true innovation to happen in wine. Rarer still when it comes about with the consumer truly at its core. It is perhaps not surprising then, that LIQUID DIAMOND, the new wine brand which launches next month, has been created by two of the senior team who helped bring i heart wines, the last true consumer facing piece of wine innovation (and one of the top 10 wine brands in the UK), to the mainstream consumer.

Alex Green and Matt Johnson, the pair of Directors who founded their company Beyond Wines in 2020, launch their first pillar brand together in April and believe that it will really resonate with the consumer. Alex says “we know that most shoppers buy first with their eyes, and that they openly don’t know (and don’t want to know) much about wine. They expect it to taste great and because that is a prerequisite on supermarket shelves, they want it to look stunning too.” Matt adds “our extensive market research told us that our consumers are happy to spend a premium but in return they want to be ‘wowed’ by the packaging, expect to drink well and that they also demand products that help them make their purchase decision.”

The launch of LIQUID DIAMOND is not just a first for Beyond Wines, it’s a first for the wine industry too, they claim. The target market, 18-35 year olds, are social media savvy and hyper-engaged with visual mediums such as Instagram and Tik Tok. They don’t understand wine language but there is a universal language they do speak, that we all speak. That is why LIQUID DIAMOND has done away with traditional back labels and instead gives taste tips in a language that the target customer will definitely understand: Emoji! Alex, who pushed strongly for the idea says “this is not about dumbing down but it is about understanding what is important to our consumer. Using our own emoji language gives the reader the instant recognition of what the wine tastes and feels like, so that they can feel confident in their purchase decision and even impart that knowledge to their friends and family.” Matt adds “Using Emoji might seem bold but with the vast majority of sales going through supermarkets, and with 95% of the consumers who buy in the channel with little to no wine knowledge, this helps us break down the long held-up, industry led, barrier to the very people we are selling to”.

LIQUID DIAMOND is a true blend of the aesthetic and accessible. It offers consumers the chance to purchase something beautiful for gifts and to take to parties, whilst speaking to them on their level and in a way truly befitting the 21st century.


One of the biggest trends of the past few years, accelerated and accentuated by the global situation in 2020, is self-care and wellness. The importance of looking after oneself, and each other, has been massively heightened and LIQUID DIAMOND celebrates this. The crystals and positive energy movement really speaks to a global audience and is ‘here and now’ for the 18-35 year old target market.

Tapping into the Wellness market, worth £487 per head in the UK in 2021 and beyond according to the Global Wellness Institute, neatly ties in with the brand story and it is in the marriage of trends, fashion and lifestyle that wine plays a part.

Sarah Turner, LIQUID DIAMOND Brand Manager, has recently arrived from a fashion background after several years in the Buying Team at Missguided, and has seen these trends firsthand: “For a large section of the market, they want to be seen looking and feeling their best, whatever it is they are doing. LIQUID DIAMOND gives them the perfect wine brand to look great and feel great when they are drinking with their friends, which I am sure will be happening lots over the next few months!”.


There are currently 6 products planned for the range. The Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Rose launch first in April with an RRP of £12, followed by a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pale Rose coming later this year, available in 75cl (£10 RRP) and 187ml (£3 RRP) formats. Other products are already in the pipeline…


All products will feature on Amazon and on Very.co.uk, and the Prosecco Rose and Sauvignon Blanc launch nationally in McColl’s stores from April onwards.


With a Brand Manager and Supply Chain Manager on board, LIQUID DIAMOND has lots of exciting work streams for the year ahead, for example the website, LIQUIDDIAMONDWINE.COM launches in March. The Insta and social campaign will feature heavily in the marketing plans, with a big emphasis on customer engagement, generated by brand collaborations and influencer activity. Sarah says “Our aim to have the best-in-class social media presence in wine. We want to create a strong reach, engaging with our audience, and focusing on them. Using our channels to tell our customers’ stories and follow them on their journeys, as well as our own”.

With significant interest from multiple major UK customers the future is exciting, but is not limited to the UK, with Europe, USA and Dubai export markets also in advanced discussions too.


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